BEST Robotics Competition

BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology)


BEST is a non‐profit, volunteer‐based organization.

• Our mission: engage, excite, and inspire middle and high school students to pursue careers in

  • Science Technology
  • Technology Engineering
  • Engineering Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • STEM)‐ related careers.

• We accomplish this by providing students with a six‐ week long, fall robotics robotics competition experience. 

• We enlist local industries and organizations to provide mentors—technical professionals and engineers —to help guide the students.

BEST establishes establishes an engineering culture in schools.

• BEST students students become competent and confident in:

  • • abstract thought
  • • self‐directed learning
  • • teamwork
  • • project management
  • • decision‐making
  • • problem problem‐solving solving
  • • leadership

• BEST students become technologically proficient and prepared for the workforce.










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