The FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC for short, is the flagship-competition of FIRST. With more than 3,000 teams competing across the world and over $50 million in available scholarships, the FIRST Robotics Competition is arguably one of the most exciting and educationally challenging events available to high-school students. The tournament-style competition takes the form of a game. Every year a new game is announced, each with its own unique theme and goals. Teams have six weeks to plan, design, construct, and test their robot and strategy. Once the time period is up, teams will take their robots to regional “hubs”, local competitions that will decide a winning alliance consisting of three teams to go to the World Championships.


However, FIRST is more than just robots. Students will learn useful skills such as teamwork, leadership, and gracious professionalism; skills that can be applied to everyday activities and future careers.